Safe Climate Bill

Fiona is the project coordinator of a collaborative project to develop a Safe Climate Bill for Victoria.

This project aims to develop a piece of legislation that, if implemented, would ensure Victoria (or another implementing jurisdiction) could contribute effectively to the global obligation to cut global greenhouse gas emissions to zero and provide for the restoration of a safe climate.

This project was initiated by a Working Group with representatives from Lighter Footprints, Friends of the Earth (Melbourne), and the Greenleap Strategic Institute

The Discussion Paper and Draft Principles to underpin the Bill can be found here.

In 2011, the project came under the auspices of Safe Climate Australia (SCA), where it will form part of the SCA agenda to identify the “social, economic, technological and political innovations which can drive rapid transitions to a zero carbon economy and the sequestration of atmospheric carbon”.

A subsequent Discussion Paper regarding the Framework for the Bill will be available shortly.

The key headings from the draft Table of Contents for the Bill are available here.