Policy Papers

A Safe Climate Bill for Victoria: Discussion Paper

(co-author) 2009/10

This discussion paper (co-authored with Philip Sutton) was developed to provide background information to support the project to develop an effective Safe Climate Bill for the state of Victoria. It outlines some of the arguments regarding the need for a Bill, summarises the scientific evidence, outlines some of the opportunities offered to Victoria by shifting to a safe climate economy, and proposes a set of priorities to drive the development of policy. The project is being conducted in collaboration between community climate action group Lighter Footprints, Friends of the Earth (Melbourne) and Greenleap Strategic Institute.

Safety First: Climate Policy Options for Australia

November 2009

This paper draws on recent climate science to outline the latest evidence on the effects of anthropogenic climate change on the Earth’s systems and the species which populate it. It considers current climate policy options and critiques current and proposed policy in Australia in light of the scientific evidence. The mechanisms of emissions trading and a carbon tax are compared for effectiveness and the need for complementary measures considered. Implications for policy are considered. Conclusions are drawn with respect to the necessary time frame and policy measures proposed to achieve emissions reductions consistent with avoiding catastrophic irreversible climate change.

Putting Health in Local Hands

(co-author) Policy Paper published by Centre for Policy Development in 2009

Fiona Armstrong is a co-author of this paper with Tim Woodruff, David Legge, and Rod Wilson which outlines a new system of funding and governance for Australia’s health system. This approach is designed to overcome the entrenched inequities and blame-shifting in Australia’s health system by shifting funding and power to regional health organisations.

Ensuring quality, safety and positive patient outcomes

Issues Paper published by Australian Nursing Federation in 2009

This paper outlines the evidence on the contribution nurses make to safety and quality of health care and the impact of nursing care on positive patient outcomes. It presents a summary of the best available evidence on the effectiveness of nursing care and the contribution that nurses make to improve the population’s health. The paper also highlights the economic and human costs associated with poor access to quality nursing care.